Sunday, April 1, 2007

Hyde Park & St' James Park & Buckingham Palace

On Saturday, I went to many natural places in central London with P Ping who is studying PhD at University of York, UK. The first place we visitted was Hyde Park which is the biggest park in London.

By walking through the Green Park, we were going to the Buckingham Palace to watch royal ceremony there and this event normally take place around 11.00am everyday.

Accidentally, I saw someone who was sleeping at the small chair surrounded by the greenish park. I like this picture so much and it seems to me that this guy is one of homeless individuals that you can see many of them even along the pavement in London where the world community has named this city as developed and civilized metropolitan.

Here, I was standing in front of the Buckingham Palace where is one of landmarks that all tourists have to visit especially at the weekend. At that time, I was waiting for the royal parade which I had never seen before that day.

This picture below was a female police officer who was riding a smart white horse to look after the crowded and to prepare the space before the ceremony was going to be took place.

Once the Royal Parade had been finished, we went to St James Park nearby. It was very lucky on that day because the weather was very good and the sky was nice blue.

I like this tree very much since it is similar to Sakura tree in Japan. There fore I had a photo taken with this great background for sure. See, I look fatter than I was in Thailand?

See, very nice the stream with lovely flower in the garden. Summer is comming, hey.

These photos are really really nice, can you see ducks on the greenish grass under white-flower tree.

This picture was taken when I was walking through the bridge to go to Horse Guards and you can also see the Buckingham Palace from this point.

Now, I was going to Horse Guards where I am very keen to take a photo very much because, you know, not only it is a well-designed building but also you can experience a colour match between brown ground, white building, blue sky as well as colourful flower in front of the entrance.

Finally, I was heading to Soho or China town to have lunch at Chinese resteurant. See, this picture tells you that there are many statues or monuments by using horse to tell the story. Also, the popular means of travelling in London is taking the Big Bus tour to visit many landmarks across London.

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litschool-principal said...

Such a spectacular natural and man-made site...! I love the blossom and that very green yard.The descriptions under the photos may be developed to be a refined travelogue someday...